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Jewellery manufacturing in Brugge over
7 centuries

Already in 1370, rough diamonds were sold in Brugge, long before Antwerp or Amsterdam.

In the 15th century, diamond polishing with diamond dust on a rotating disk was invented in Brugge by local goldsmith Lodewijk van Berquem. The court of the Dukes of Burgundy made the luxury industry in Brugge - included jewellery manufacturing - flourish.

First Diamond engagement ring in history
The first diamond engagement ring in history was given from Emperor Maximilian I to Mary of Burgundy, duchess of Burgundy, at the occasion of their marriage.
The dukes of Burgundy had their court in the centre of Brugge.

Church art tradition in Brugge
In addition to the creation of jewellery to the courts of dukes, kings and emperors, the local jewellers also created jewellery and gold and silver items for the rituals of the church.


The City of Bruges

The city of Brugge is the most important tourist attraction in Flanders / Belgium, - it is unspoiled and in the state of a Medieval City. Yearly between 4 and 5 million visitors pay a visit to Brugge.

The atmosphere of the city of Bruges is legendary; the picturesque canals, which once were used by ships to transport goods in and out of Brugge, can still be experienced by boat.

Museums, theatres and churches are witnesses of the rich past; more than 300 restaurants is assuring gourmet food, and the best shops in Flanders is completing the experience.

More than 100 quality hotels are at your service to allow you to experience the special Brugge atmosphere.

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